Video Introduces Problems With Proposed Quarry Expansion


The Lummi Island Conservancy created the following video to explain some of the issues regarding the proposed expansion of the Lummi Island Quarry:

Please donate to help us block the proposed expansion.

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3 Responses to Video Introduces Problems With Proposed Quarry Expansion

  1. Leonard Hopkins says:

    You have one side of the story only,I have bought and installed 20 tons of black stone from this quarry and have been on sight once.There are tree colors of stone there,green,grey and some black.The black is only quarried from lummi so I support the expanding the mine. I look forward to buying more black lummi island stone.Everyone that has seen the stone installed loves it.

    • admin says:

      I appreciate that the rock from the Lummi Island quarry is beautiful to you, Leonard. I guess I wonder, though, if it’s fair to support a company which has disregarded County and State laws repeatedly (see documents on this website) and allow them to continue making money at the expense of oil spills, environmental shoreline degradation, illegal use of land they have no right to use, and ongoing noise and dust problems being suffered by the neighboring community so you can have access to attractive rock? Perhaps if it was no longer available you might find there are other sources of equally beautiful–even if different–rock being produced by law-abiding companies?

  2. Leonard Hopkins says:

    Thanks for replying to my post and I hope the proper paperwork is completed because not only loosing access to the only source of black basalt (lummi)and good paying jobs the quarry is suppying many outlets with top quality landscaping rock and gravel.As I said I went to the quarry once on a saturday ,the pit was unmanned and the guy running the quarry was in his office doing paperwork!!
    As for the noise ,that is part of a working quarry.The dust is stone dust and is heavy and does not go far so I think that the oil spill has turned the neighbors against every part of the business. No one would spill oil in the bay on purpose.
    I hope the knee jerk reaction to the spill dies out and the quarry remains running and the not in my backyard people will someday understand the need for the quarry.

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